3 Types of dance classes you could find in Singapore

If you love music and want to keep fit at the same time, go for dance classes Singapore! Dance seems to have a lot of types and styles – Like different restaurants serving different types of food, it is uneasy to choose and fix to one type. If you consider signing up for a dance class, below are different types of dance style and genre for you to shortlist.

Belly dance is commonly offered in dance classes Singapore

Belly dance is a unique dance that is differentiated by its rolling and sharp movements of the hips and abdomen of dancers. Belly dancing costumes are often colorful with flowing garments and accessories. A good and well trained belly dancer could control her belly and perform different movements. Her arms and hands have to move fluidly while performing belly dance too. There are different movements in belly dancing: Percussive movements, fluid movements, shivers, shimmies and vibration. Percussive movements are mostly done on the hips (Hip dropping, lifting and twisting), lifting or dropping of rib-cage and shoulder accents. Fluid movements require a great control of abdominal muscles of dancers. The most common fluid movements in belly dance include vertical and horizontal figures of 8.

Jazz dance is fun and energetic

Jazz genre emerged and has changed from street dancing to theatrical dance performed on stage professionally by jazz dancers. If you want to have fun while expressing yourself, jazz dance probably suits you. It is a fun dance showcases dancers’ individual style and originality. To better master the dance, it is encouraged for dancers to have a strong background in classical ballet, as jazz dancing requires balancing and grace too. However, if you do not have ballet background, it is totally fine as you will learn to master big leaps and quick turns eventually. In regards to the jazz dancing costumes, wear clothes that make you comfortable in moving. However, you will need to get advice from the instructor on the jazz shoes as different instructors have different requirements on that.

Learn Latin dance in pairs

Originated in Latin America, Latin dance is a fast-paced and sensual dance that involves sexy hip movements with partners. As one of the international ballroom dances, there are many categories of Latin dances – Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble and Jive. While social Latin dances include salsa, mambo, merengue, Rumba, bachata, bomba, plena, and tango.