Today, it’s all about brows. Everyone is busy looking for the secret dramatic eyebrows. There are so many types of eyebrows ranging from threading to waxing to tattooing that it’s become nerve-wracking for clients to choose a suitable one.

Recently, microblading carved a niche for itself as the hot trendy way of achieving enviable eyebrows.  Ruth Swissa microblading offered us exclusive in-depth info on this new trend.

What is Micro-blading? 

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure in which an esthetician applies color pigments similar to that of natural air on your eyebrows using a microblade tool. The process creates natural looking eyebrows after a few hours. The coloration may fade after some time hence the need for touch up.

What microblading factors should you consider? 

According to Ruth Swissa, a certified cosmetic professional, microblading is loosely regulated. Unlike other products, most of the pigments used are less controlled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore, there are a few risks associated with it.
Here are a few things you must have in mind:

Carefully Select the Salon 

Before you consider microblading, it is paramount for you to research on the salon offering the service and the person doing it. They are licensed after undergoing suitable training.

In most cases, highly skilled, experienced and licensed estheticians offer microblading services in state of the art salons. The following bodies accredit the estheticians:

  • American Association of Micropigmentation
  • Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP)

Allergic Reactions 

Although allergic reactions are rare to organic pigments, they may occur. Before taking the procedure, it is prudent to inquire about the dye and understand how estheticians detect allergies.

Infection Risk 

The risk of infection in microblading results from its skin breaking procedure. If unsterilized tools are utilized, diseases such as bacterial infection and HIV can be transmitted. To avoid the risk, ensure all the instruments are sterilized.

Microblading Semi-permanent Nature 

Once carried out wrongly, correcting the procedure is not cakes and ale. The cost and complications of remedying a wrongfully done microblading are painful to endure. The only way to get it right is to vet the salon and the esthetician.

How to prepare for Microblading? 

Microblading preparation involves the following:

  • Avoid sunbathing and tanning a few days before appointment date
  • No taking of alcoholic and caffeine beverages on the D-day
  • Avoid plucking and waxing your eyebrows a few days before
  • Avoid intense facial treatments two weeks to the day of procedure
  • Tinting your eyebrows

What outcomes to expect? 

For thin eyebrows, microblading should develop a beautiful natural look that can last for approximately 1.5 years. Once again, the quality of the work done strongly depends on the skills of the esthetician and the facility.

Where to get Microblading? 

In California and Los Angeles, Ruth Swissa microblading is top notch. Apart from many years of experience and cutting-edge facilities, you get to work with Ruth, a certified esthetician with unmatched recommendations and referrals. Book an appointment today!


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