6 Benefits to Ordering Moulded Earplugs

Many people who swim to workout like to wear earplugs to keep water out of their ear canals. Motorcycle enthusiasts also wear them to protect their hearing while riding. While there are many styles of earplugs, wearers of customised earplugs enjoy these benefits.

Custom Fit

When you have moulded earplugs made for yourself, they are made to fit your ear canal. Even though some earplugs are pre-made with malleable materials, such as foam, they usually don’t fit well and can fall out. Customised earplugs, such as ZenPlugs, are moulded to your ear canals so they fit securely and are more comfortable.

Able to Hear

By blocking the ear canals with store bought earplugs, sounds are altered to the point you feel as if you’re underwater, because you cannot hear well. When riding a motorcycle, this can be dangerous because you may not be able to hear traffic, or emergency vehicles, approaching. However, moulded earplugs are made so the sound resonance of your ears is matched, so sounds are softened not muffled. This allows you to hear most sounds around you while wearing them.

Customised Appearance

Most moulded earplug manufacturers offer their products in several colours and materials to customise them to your preferences. If you’re buying them for a teen who swims competitively, or plays in a band, you can buy a pair in their favourite colour. The choice of materials will allow the user to select a pair which are most comfortable for them.

Never Lose Them

Many companies make their customised earplugs so they can be attached with a plastic cord while swimming, running, or riding a motorbike. This prevents them from being lost if they happen to fall out, or when you take them out after your activity. Since moulded earplugs are more expensive than commercial plugs, you will want to easily find them after removing them. The cord allows you to wear them around your neck until you put them away in your gym bag or at home.

Prevents Damage to Ears

Getting water in the ear canal can result in an infection called “swimmer’s ear.” It is caused when bacteria in the water gets trapped in the ear. The symptoms include itching, pain, redness, and temporary hearing loss. However, moulded earplugs are made to prevent water from getting into the canal, and they are usually made with an antibacterial agent to kill bacteria in water.

Made to Last

Most pre-made earplugs are made from cheap materials, which can cause them to easily tear or deteriorate after several uses. Customised earplugs are made from durable materials so you can use them for years without needing to replace them, unless they are lost. For hunters, motorcyclists, or swimmers, a good set of earplugs are invaluable for protecting their hearing.

Whether you work or play around loud noises, you need to wear earplugs to prevent hearing loss. A custom set of moulded earplugs can protect your hearing while you enjoy participating in the sports, or other activities, you love.