Above Average Ad Relevance Leads to Better Results


some tips on how to improve your ad relevance in google adwords


Ad relevance is very important to the success of your Google AdWords campaign. Ad relevance measures how closely related to your ads that your keyword is. If someone searches for your keyword and your ad appears in the results and is related to the keyword, you have a high ad relevance.

There are three ad relevance statuses you can have for your ad relevance status. There are below average, average, and above average. These measures compare them your ad relevance to all other keywords across Google AdWords. Average and above average means that the ad relevance is equal to or above other keywords. Below average indicates that your ad or keyword either is not specific enough. Aim for tightly-themed ad groups rather than covering too many topics.

It is important to note that keyword may have a High Quality Score, yet also have a low ad relevance. This is because Google AdWords looks beyond just one or two factors when computing the Quality score.

Ad relevance can be a very helpful tool for advertisers who are looking at improving their digital marketing campaigns. You can use it figure out which keywords you should change to improve your results. In order to check the ad relevance for in order to check the ad relevance for your keywords, you simply navigate to your Campaigns page and then click the Keywords tab. Next, place your mouse over the speech bubble icon next to the keyword you wish to check.