Business Etiquette: How do you say thank you?

No matter you’re an employer or an employee, it is always a courteous to say thank you to express your gratitude and appreciation to others. One of the simplest shows of appreciation is by verbal – You say thank you in front of the person you appreciate or a lunch treat if your friend referred you to a good and big deal. According to the Maritz poll research done in 2007, nearly 80 percent of employees admitted compliment for a job well done has significant impact on their overall job satisfaction. Below are some ways to thank people who help you excel in your business journey.

A thank-you note that is handwritten

Whenever someone offers you some help, a piece of advice or simply treating you a lovely breakfast, take a few minutes to jot a quick, short and sweet thank-you note. There is no replacement for handwritten notes that contain your kind words and appreciation. If you are not a gifted penman, you can print your words and email or pass to them. Always bear in mind that it is not their obligation to help or to offer you something good, especially when you might not have the same to return them. A thank-you note shows that you aware and acknowledge your friends and colleagues. It also shows that you are a respectful person that almost everyone appreciates it.

Customised gifts are not new in Singapore

If you were an employer or playing a managerial role in your company, you would probably want to invest in customised gifts Singapore. They do not have to be big and expensive – Personalised and customised stationery will do. You can even order a bulk of thank-you cards with your name or company logo engraved on them. Also, do not forget to mail the thank-you cards or notes immediately within one or two days. This immediacy shows your counterparts, colleagues or employees that you are sincere in saying thank you.

Hosting an event, casual party or dinner

Having the initiative to host an event and make the effort to invite everyone is a great way to show your gratitude. It does not have to be an expensive dinner, consider barbecue-ing at your house and gather the people you thank for. Spending time together is great to show your friends and colleagues that you personally appreciate them. You can even celebrate special occasions such as when you business partner get married, the best employee of the year has a baby or your colleague gets promoted. This strengthens the bonding and in the long run, builds a better and lasting business relationships.