Working on a construction site in New York presents lots of dangers for workers. You count on your employer to provide you with the safest environment possible to do your job. If you end up getting hurt, you need one of the best construction accident lawyers New York offers.

Experience Is Important

Your lawyer needs an understanding of the process of filing worker’s compensation claims related to construction accidents in the state of New York. Injuries from construction sites are often more severe than in other industries. An experienced attorney can accurately calculate what you’re entitled to depending on how much your future ability to work is diminished or even eliminated.

The right firm will pinpoint all parties responsible for compensating you if you were contracted by a third party. If your claim is denied, your attorney should understand the appeal process and keep fighting to get you on the road to fair compensation.

Competence Is Key

Your attorney should conduct a thorough investigation of the situation that led to your injury. Some of the things they need to focus on include:

  • Determining whether or not adequate safeguards were in place on the work site
  • Checking to see if you were given instructions contradictory to standing state regulations
  • Gathering evidence to document how the accident occurred
  • Obtaining all of your medical records from all doctors and facilities you visited to substantiate your claims of injury

Before you hire anyone, be sure to check their credentials. Inexperience often leads to critical mistakes. One oversight by a firm could cost you the money needed for care and expenses while you recover.

Do your research on the top construction accident lawyers New York has. You can’t afford to place your future in uncertain hands.

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