Decorate Home With Curtains And Blinds To Give It A Chic Look

The curtains have very-very important roles to play in a house. Basically, it is used for many purposes, but it is a style statement of any house. A house without curtains is like a lady without cloths. So, it is important to use the curtains. At the present time, the curtains have not limited itself only up to fabric made, but in the market of Singapore, one can find the curtains of different material, design and colors. One of the type is blind, both, the curtains and blinds one on same thing. The only difference is curtains are made of fabric and blinds are made of different types of material. However, both solve the same purpose, i.e. enhancing the interior of the house, restricting heat, light and dust and giving a cover to the house.

Wood blinds – the new trend now

As said above both blinds and curtains are more or less the same thing, the only difference in it is the material used in it. Therefore, people these days are more inclined towards blinds. Instead of using the curtains, they are going for blinds. And, among all types of blinds, blinds made of wood are the most preferred one. The reason for the people’s tilt toward blind are:

  • Unlike curtains, blind has longer life and also its maintenance cost is very less.
  • Blinds gives a new and chic look to the house, it is available in various designs like roman blind, venetian blind, vitrom blind and there are many more.
  • The houses that have less space prefer to use blinds in-place of curtains because it fitted to the windows or doors perfectly.

The blinds are a great option for the bedroom, but for living room, curtains are always the first and best option. People prefer to use blackout curtains in these areas of the house.