Encourage Your Child to Learn and Grow… and Have Fun!

Activity is one of the keys to a healthy childhood. Of course, there should be some structure to this activity and with the right combination a child begins to learn. One of the best ways to give the youngest children the opportunity for fun and learning is to give them access to quality toys. Perhaps the best place to start is with push and pull toys.

It’s been shown that happy kids usually laugh at colourful objects and quick movements so you may want to invest in a Cool Cat. This rolling companion also purrs, spins its head, and bobs its body for lots of entertainment for the child and the parent. For dog lovers, there’s Max, the pull-along dog that shakes its head and wags its tail as it follows your child around the room.

Skills, Imagination

One of the most popular activities for children aged 12 months and older is the simple but fascinating task of stacking coloured rings. You can give your child the opportunity for imaginative play with this turtle-shaped rolling toy. Moving in a slightly different direction, many children aged two and up will enjoy a shopping cart in one of several colours. The smoothly rolling cart will not scratch your floor and provides plenty of space for carrying toys and other play items.

When you’re shopping for quality toys, look in the Little Smiles baby push walker development area where the choices also include doll stroller, baby’s first car, a three-car garage with small cars, and so many more. All of these outstanding products are available from one of the leading importers and distributors of award-winning brands.

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Competitive Prices

If you’re considering kids’ doll houses for sale from Little Smiles, you have the benefit of getting some of the best dolls and associated items at very competitive prices. For example, you can select Hansel + Gretel dolls designed by Nathalie Lete. The dolls come with a collector’s special case with clasp and an elaborate costume. Several dolls also come with their own “cottage” carrying case, such as Marie Francoise in a summer dress or smart suit with vest and cap. Your child will love the soft lifelike finish of the body, arms, and legs, as well as the long auburn hair.

Keep in mind that when you browse through this magnificent selection you are working with people who are passionate about happy kids, mums, and families. You’ll not only get some of the best toys, dolls, and other products available but you can be sure you’ll receive unmatched customer service. If toys are not preferred, you can send your kids for swimming course in Singapore!