Window coverings aren’t just about aesthetics – they can also be used to reduce the amount of energy you use year round to heat and cool your home. This energy reduction means more money in your pocket, as your heating and cooling bills will be significantly reduced as well. It’s all about finding the right products and installing them correctly. A one time investment can yield long-term results. Over time, your window coverings will pay for themselves, and beyond that, save you money in the long-term.

The right window coverings will reduce the amount of solar heat gain in your home throughout those long, hot summer months. Conversely, when winter rolls around, they can also insulate your home, drawing warm air into your home and trapping it inside.

Vineyard Blind & Shutter provides the window coverings you need to both maximize the aesthetic appeal of your home, and save you money through reduced energy costs at the same time.

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There are different kinds of window coverings, and each can reduce your energy bills in different ways.

  • Shades: When it comes to shades, the best way to save energy is by purchasing products comprised of cellular shade fabric. This kind of fabric resembles honeycomb, and works by guarding against UV light while enhancing your home’s insulation. Over time, UV light can damage your furniture, wearing away at fabric, paintings, and other material. The best way of saving energy year round through shades is by purchasing dual shade window coverings, which include both a reflective and absorbing side. Simply put, reflective (bright) material reduces solar heat gain, while absorbing (dark) material enhances it. With bright material facing outside during the summer months, and dark material facing outside during winter months, you will maximize your energy saving potential all year.
  • Blinds: If you are looking for a way to minimize the amount of heat gain in your home during the summer, blinds can be the perfect product. Purchasing blinds comprised of highly reflective material will greatly reduce your cooling costs. Of course, the inverse is also true: blinds comprised of dark materials will absorb heat. It is best to have both bright and dark blinds on hand, and to switch from one to the other depending on the season.
  • Shutters: The original purpose of shades was to shield against cold winds and hot sunlight at the same time. This dual purpose easily translates into a dynamic way of maximizing your energy saving potential year round. Insulated interior shutters are some of the best ways of saving money, providing both an aesthetic and utilitarian function to your home. With their rigid foam insulation, insulated interior shutters can reduce solar heat gain by a substantial margin. Their insulating function will also reduce heat loss throughout the winter.

Window coverings, if used correctly, will save you money while also offering an aesthetic boost to your home. All it takes is knowing how to utilize them. The overall process can be fun, and the rewards will last a lifetime.

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