Whether your company is just starting out or going through a rebranding process, creating and maintaining standardized and coherent brand imagery is of the utmost importance. Most potential customers will encounter your brand presentation before they know anything about your company or what it does. Uneven shoddy work, or a disjointed brand presence with confuse your potential clients and make you look amateurish. Once you’ve made the decision to move forward, Biltmore Pro Print can help you streamline your branding presentation.

To start the branding strategy, you need to designate a specific team member to manage the process. If your company is large and a number of departments or product lines are being rebranded, you’ll want someone at the director level or higher to manage the process and uphold standards. Why a Director? This person needs to have enough cache that his or her directives are followed across the company. This process needs to be taken seriously and handled with the utmost care. You may want to hire a brand manager from an external organization if this skill set is lacking within your company.

Once brand standards and logos have been developed, contact a reputable print shop such as Biltmore Pro Print to work with you to replace letterhead, envelopes, brochures, posters, mission statements and all other materials. This includes both external facing articles as well as internal documentation. You want to make sure your staff is familiar with and comfortable using the new brand imagery.

With new assets in place, it is important to destroy all letterhead and print materials imbued with the old branding. Do not save anything for potential use later. This may seem wasteful, but the idea is to project a coherent and united brand front for your clientele. Even one employee using the old imagery can confuse and damage your relationship with your customers.

Your brand manager must be the one to maintain the new standards across the company. All old logos must be deleted off drives and the new ones maintained in a single, accessible repository. The repository will contain logos, document templates and presentation in standard sizes, DPI, colors, etc., for download and use. Make sure the brand manager is the only person who can add to or delete materials from the repository.

To maintain standards, all marketing materials, web pages, online presentations, etc., should be sent to your brand manager to verify that standards are being upheld. This should continue for at least six months. Your new brand IS your new identity, and as such, must be embraced and protected. Failure to do so, puts your brand and your company at risk.

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