How To Differentiate Various Courier Services?

A courier is a popular term that represents someone who transports and delivers a package or a documented message. Everyone makes use of a courier service at some point in their life. With the advent of eCommerce business, courier industry has expanded by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, you will be able to find numerous types of shipping and delivery services in your locality that offers a wide range of logistics services. Understanding the versatile nature of the services offered by various courier companies can help you in taking advantage of their advanced facilities and privileged services. One of the basic classification methods depends on the type of cargo or goods involved. For instance, there are some courier companies that do not transport electronic goods like mobile phones. Likewise, there are several companies that charge an extra amount of money for transporting electronic goods. In Malaysia, you will be able to find all sorts of courier agencies and companies. Listed below are some of the major classifications in this regard.

Different types of courier services

  • Domestic courier companies are one of the most common categories in this sector. Such companies transport goods only within the country.
  • For sending medicines, or pharmaceutical products you can look for a medical courier service. Such services are equipped with special cargo handling and warehousing facilities that are essential for packing, storing, and shipping medicines to various locations.
  • International courier companies deal with cargo airport services and international freight services. For sending a bulk cargo or merchandise to a foreign destination, you need to hire an international freight forwarder.
  • There are also several courier or shipping companies that are involved in transporting perishable goods and products like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, seafood, and meat products. Such companies make use of temperature-controlled vehicles for carrying their goods.
  • You can also find special courier companies that are into the transportation and delivery of precious goods like jewelry.