Roofs are susceptible to bacterial growth which starts while scattered and in the end, they accumulate around the entire roof. Cleanliness at home is given a top priority to get any dirt or organisms breeding in the compound. It is ironical, the culprit breeds unnoticed on the rooftop while the homeowners are very happy about the condition of their home area.

Not many homeowners were in the know until the roof organism menace was brought to attention by Roof Cleaners Miami top experts in the county. The bacteria’s identified as Algae, Moss, and fungus feed on the roof at a very slow pace, and before you know it, you have no roof.

How Organisms Destroy The Roof

Organism’s camp on the rooftop, attracted by an organic material, embedded within the shingle. There is a limestone incorporated during the production of the material, and these bacteria accumulate on the roof for years feeding and breeding while eating it. You only notice a line of small heap black in color, which appears to give your roof an ugly picture. This kind of bacterial can easily be eliminated by our roof cleaners company utilizing a mechanism hard to fail the mission.

Cleaning Process

Dealing with affected rooftop requires a careful strategy when cleaning, lest you destroy the delicate materials. We totally discourage homeowners not to practice DIY unless they are trained. Our cleaning technique involves first understanding the situation we are dealing with, and the kind of roofing we are going to disinfect.

Shingles, for instance, have a special washing substance friendly to the material with no added chemical. On the other hand, we have knapsack spray which we use to spray at close range for effective results. Prior to starting the cleaning exercise, we make an arrangement around the house and alert the neighbors of possible moss heaps falling on their compound. This notification is to warn them earlier not to see it as intentional. Later, we clean the whole area including neighboring homes which are affected by the falling materials.

Why Cleaning The Roof Is Necessary

The cleaning is meant to clear and stop the organisms (algae, moss, & Fungus) from feeding off the roofing material. These organisms pose a risk to those occupying the house and pets if the wood beneath is affected. Rotten part may invite unexpected guest inside your roofing shifting from one danger to another.

Cleaning the roof professionally gives your house an appealing look from onlookers. And in case you plan to sell the house, it becomes marketable as no threat is noticeable even when looking closely. Furthermore, cleaning your home will avoid insurance company from canceling the policy for necessarily having a dirty roof.

Future Planning

The only practical way to maintain your roof is to continually remain under the care of Miami rooftop cleaners. The company has maintained a good name over the years and leaving your property with us guarantees you a safe, clean, and secure roof.


Cleanliness is very important, and the best way to keep your home secure is to ensure you have cleaning done from the rooftop down to the other areas. Services of Miami professional rooftop cleaners never fail to deliver.

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