Are you interested in cultivating marijuana and wondering whether you should go ahead with the cultivation process or not? When you cultivate your own marijuana you are likely to come across some challenges and because of these challenges many people give up along the way. One of the main reasons is that they did not carefully review the entire cultivation process as a result when they actually get to cultivate marijuana they were not prepared or they were under prepared to face those challenges as a result they ended up giving up altogether.

The right approach however would be to first check what are the challenges and what the entire cultivation process entails in growing marijuana at home. So that you would know in advance what you are likely to come across and decide whether you should go ahead with that kind of challenges or just go about buying your marijuana in the open market as usual.

When you cultivate marijuana you are likely to face the following challenges. Firstly, you need to find the best quality weed seeds if you get good quality seeds you will be able to get good yield. There are number of other factors associated with the quality of the seeds and your success rate in cultivation.

You will be required to screen multiple stores to buy marijuana and pick the best store for weed seeds USA has to offer. If you do not focus on pre-screening your stores you are likely to have bad quality seeds delivered to you which in turn will ruin all your efforts. Initially, we must admit this will be one of the biggest challenges. The second challenge is in understanding the genetic strains and their characteristics. There are hundreds of genetic strains and how are you going to have a grasp of all these genetic strains. You do not have to worry because it is not necessary that you need to know all the genetic strains to cultivate marijuana. You just need to know about the top genetic strains that are popular among marijuana cultivators. This of course involves some time and you cannot avoid this totally. At its best you could reduce the amount of time you would spend to research about the various genetic strains.

Biggest challenge that you will come across when cultivating marijuana is the pests and diseases attack. Your plants could be attacked at any time by these pests even before you know that you are attacked by these pests they would have taken over the entire batch of marijuana. You are required to spend at least few minutes every time you put those cannabis seeds for germination. However, after the few initial struggles you will be able to easily protect your plants and prevent such attacks.

Once you know these possible challenges you are more likely to be prepared to face them rather than being taken up by surprise. You can be a successful marijuana cultivator.

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