In every country, governments are looking for a solution, for a fast aging population.  They are looking ways to deal with the retirement woes of their citizens.  Most of the time, retires has very less money to enjoy.  All they got is only enough for their medicines.  Without families to care for them, they are usually left vulnerable to abuse.

In Malaysia, they have come up with a solution.  They call it EFP investment.  It is for the retiring population.  They have now an option to invest, to be able to prepare for the future.

What is EPF investment?  It is a process where a part of your retirement money will be invested, in preparation for your retirement.  It is up to you, how much of your retirement money, you want to invest.  This investment scheme is designed to provide a good retirement for its citizens.

Here are some of the advantages when you invest in EPF:

  1. You are in control : With the investment plan, you seem to be in control of your money. You decide how much you want to invest and how much return you want. You can re-invest your profit that will allow you to earn more.
  2. Your own savings is intact : In this investment scheme, you don’ have to touch your own money at hand. Investment will only be taken from your retirement funds.

However, this investment scheme is not all success.  There are also disadvantages such as:

  1. Investment is not guaranteed : Like some business, return of investments is not sure. You may earn a profit, but, how much and how big, is not definite.
  2. Tax : Your profits are taxable, which doesn’t guarantee a completely high profitability. Because investing is like a business, it must be tax by the government.

After reading the basics of EPF investment, you can now iron out which is which. For those who are expecting small retirement money, they may think of investing part of their retirement fund. There is nothing wrong with it. But, be sure to understand fully how the investment works.  Know every small detail about it, because it will affect your future.  You may want to consult other people, who knew more about this thing, than you are.  Ask people who have tried this investment before.  Know their experiences about the investment.

For those who are expecting a bigger retirement fund, think twice. It maybe better, to just wait and see. Do not risk your retirement fund, for something you are not sure.  You see, investing is just a business and a business, come go wrong. There is no fix result. If you think you have enough, better keep it that way.

The best thing about EPF is that, it has given everyone equal opportunity, to have an enjoyable retirement.  They are given the free well, to decide for themselves. It also shows that the government is concerned about the retiree population in their country and their woe’s.

EPF is maybe a perfect investment opportunity for others. It may be for you too.

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