At Surprise Dental and Denture, we understand that everyone is looking for high-quality dental care. We have worked hard to make sure that our expertly trained dentists and friendly staff are able to make everyone feel comfortable. Our office is easy to find, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that everyone has the expert dental care that they deserve. Because oral health is important to making sure that the entire person is healthy, we offer a wide range of services to make sure that everyone is well-taken care of.

Why Choose Us?

We have worked hard to stay on top of the latest trends in and technologies in the dental field. We make sure that not only our dentists but also our staff understand that the field is rapidly evolving and changing. Therefore, we must change with it. We have an array of tools at our disposal to make sure that everyone is comfortable while in our office and in the dental chair. We have invested in comfortable seating to ensure that every patient has no trouble sitting still for their procedure. Furthermore, we have invested in the latest technology to ensure that no problem is overlooked and that every issue is taken care of.

Preventative Care is the Best Care

While we are able to handle a wide variety of acute issues, ranging from the standard cavities to root canals, we believe that it is easier to prevent these problems from developing in the first place. We make sure that every patient understands the importance of having a regular cleaning. At this visit, we can remove tartar and plaque that has built up, making sure that cavities don’t have the chance to take root. Furthermore, we will work with every patient to make sure that they understand the importance of proper and regular brushing and flossing. In an easy to understand manner, we will make sure that everyone has comprehensive dental care regarding all facets of oral health.

Affordable, High-Quality Care

At Surprise Dental and Denture, we believe that everyone has the right to receive the highest-quality dental care possible. Therefore, we accept a wide range of major dental insurance carriers and coverages. For those who might not have insurance or who have reached their yearly limit, we have treatment coordinators available who are willing to work with our patients to find a plan that fits their budget. With all of this information, why wait? Please contact us today to learn more about the wide array of services that we provide. Our friendly staff is ready to provide you and your family with the comprehensive dental care that they deserve.

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